Featuring 1 exclusive DJ Mix, curated by kenshi kamaro
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Featuring 1 exclusive DJ Mix, curated by Kenshi Kamaro
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Kenshi Kamaro Cosmic Resistance

Kenshi Kamaro

Airs Every 1st Wednesday, 8pm
July 3rd, 2019
32 Episodes aired so far
Cosmic Resistance every 1st wendsday in month on tm-radio.com

a journey full of grooves
true space & time


The Night is a truly inspired Darkness
The Heart Controlls the Music
The Music Controlls the Soul
The Soul Controlls the darkness
The darkness controlls the Heart
Beat 4 Beat
to the Heartbeat

The Music is powerfull Force

it can makes body Bounce to Rhytem
Your Soul Groove and your heart Funky



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