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May 6th, 08 PM


Arthur Sense

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Spirit Rising

April 1st, 08 PM


Arthur Sense

this episode was scheduled to play at a different time: April 11th, 08 PM
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Arthur Sense - Esoteric Frequencies 032 on TM-radio - April 2014.mp3

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Primal Instinct

March 4th, 08 PM


Arthur Sense

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special guest Mlab

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Mlab - Esoteric Frequencies Guest Mix on TM-radio - March 2014.mp3

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Arthur Sense - Esoteric Frequencies on TM-radio - March 2014.mp3

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2hrs live@Private Gate, Russia

February 4th, 08 PM


Arthur Sense

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Arthur Sense - Esoteric Frequencies 030 2hrs live on TM-radio - February 2014.mp3

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My hidden Plate

December 3rd 2013, 08 PM


Arthur Sense

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exclusive 2hrs vinyl flashback

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Arthur Sense - Esoteric Frequencies on - 03.12.2013.mp3

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Sufi Night in Ankara

November 5th 2013, 08 PM

Saharien Child

October 1st 2013, 08 PM

The Sun said Tala

September 3rd 2013, 08 PM

2nd Anniversary Celebration

August 6th 2013, 08 PM


Arthur Sense

this episode was scheduled to play at a different time: August 9th 2013, 06 PM

Special Pre-Anniversary

July 2nd 2013, 08 PM

with Infula

June 4th 2013, 08 PM

Chapter 019 with Liya

March 5th 2013, 08 PM

Chapter 018 with Tomas Haverlik

February 5th 2013, 08 PM

Ambassadors of Dark Territory

December 4th 2012, 08 PM

Mind Re-Installation

November 6th 2012, 08 PM

Flow Dark Experience

October 2nd 2012, 08 PM


Arthur Sense

this episode was scheduled to play at a different time: October 4th 2012, 08 PM

Deep Ethnic Magnificence

September 4th 2012, 08 PM


August 7th 2012, 08 PM

New Order Renegades

July 3rd 2012, 08 PM

Destination - Underground

June 5th 2012, 08 PM

Through the Ages

May 1st 2012, 08 PM

Underground Lessons

April 3rd 2012, 08 PM

One Girl Memories...

March 6th 2012, 08 PM

Future Sound Of Darkness

February 7th 2012, 08 PM

Open Mind

December 6th 2011, 08 PM

Autumn in Emirates

November 1st 2011, 08 PM

Russia get Dark...

October 4th 2011, 08 PM

Grand Opening!!!

September 6th 2011, 08 PM


Arthur Sense


Deep Cult

this episode was scheduled to play at a different time: September 8th 2011, 05 PM

About this show and DJs

Dedicated to Deep, Dark, Mystical, Intelligent Progressive, Old School, Dark Tribal Non-Commercial Segment...
Arthur SenseArthur Sense aka Arthur Klyagin was born in the town of Bryansk, Russia. His passion for electronic dance music began long ago, in 1994. Hernan Cattaneo, John Digweed, Martin Garcia, Dave Seaman, Danny Howells, Jimmy Van M had a great impact on his music taste formation. Underground sound was the standard that he defined for himself. Later he became interested in the origin of the musicians and gathered information about them. His first djing experience took place in a small town in Russia to which he was thrown by the fate. The intelligent sound he preferred often did not correspond to the club format, and this made him organize private parties and create recordings just for connoisseurs and friends. In the beginning of 2000, a real revolution in his vision of music was made by Moshic Shlomi aka Argonaut, and later Kintar, Rex & Maindave. Ethnic, oriental, dark progressive sound of the waves of deep bass lines characteristic of it determined the further development of Arthur...[read more]

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