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TM radio buttons!!!

if you want to put a button on your page that looks like one of the following, and links to the Listen to TM RADIO radio stream... here's what you should do : click any of these buttons below, copy text appearing on the right and simply paste it into the code of your website, it's plain html in one line..
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    76x18     152x35     203x47

how to upload music to tribalmixes radio.

  • right click on your mp3 file, the folder 'summary', then click 'advanced >>'...
  • once in advanced mode edit fields ARTIST (Put your name/moniker) and TITLE (please follow this format for title : FULL_SHOW_NAME - date as DAY MONTH YEAR where MONTH is September, July, January etc no digits.)
  • download this program (right-click to save) tribalmixes_desc_scriptor.exe and open it on your computer.
  • while it's rather tiny less than 30Kb in size, it might dramatically ask for NET FRAMEWORK 2.0 installed. it's a free download from MicroSoft and is about 22Mb in size, high speed download here.
  • click browse in desc_scriptor and select your mp3, open it. you should see your name in Artist box, and SHOW-NAME - DATE in Title box.
  • please always supply email address to which a confirmation or failure message will be sent!!! (in future)
  • click save. and please do not change filename offered and original mp3 until your upload is finished.
  • open MY COMPUTER, then put ftp://ftp.tm-radio.com instead of folder path, wait a bit... then drag and drop files in there.
  • mp3s WITHOUT corresponding .DESC FILES will can be lost and will not be processed. these little files we need to check consistency of mp3 file you have uploaded. if 15-20 minutes after upload your file is still seen in on ftp after page refresh, it means file was corrupted and requires manual check or reupload. please easily change file name of the mp3 on your computer and do everything again, concact radio team on the problem as well.
  • if files safely disappear within 15 minutes after BOTH FILES completely uploaded, then everything went safe and you can contact show host to proceed with adding this mp3 their show. if show and specified showtime in .desc file match website records (please check with radio website for exact dates and times) mp3 will be sent directly to the show host.
  • all shows are very much required at least 1-2 days prior to showtime, at least 2-3 hours before...
  • if you are just submitting your music to be reviewed for airing on this radio, please put 'new talent' into TITLE and do not specify any date-time, but supply comment and tracklist if possible through id-tags of mp3...

little bit about us...

this project is fully supported by and has totally been built on http://www.tribalmixes.com, your best source to get mp3-recordings of all shows from this radio, as well as many other radios, clubs and venues, along with quality promo material and home-made-pro video.

founders and executives: Craig James, Rinspeed.

technical support: slash, Viktor.

artwork and design: Tawakol, Rinspeed.

our friends: