Mon, Aug 21, 07:45:58


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hello hello! just making sure you're tuning in tomorrow, from 6 pm to midnight we're having 4 excellent shows,... Alejandro Rado is releasing 17th episode of Push the Desert at 6pm. J-Smith celebrates 20th episode of Significant Thursday at 7pm (have you noticed, every 1st Thursday of the month, episodes are 3hr long with 1-2 guests, and 3rd Thu - just 1hr long). unchallengeable DJ NaDi plays 9th episode of Girls Power starting 8pm. and Style Clash hosts this episode of Beat Sensor with Michal and Levan guesting at 10pm.

and now, wonderfully set&said, we have two debuts aka grand openings this weekend:
  • as i said before, Escodero & phm are debuting with Dead Souls on Friday night 6pm to 8pm, before P3in1.
  • newly arrived, this dj has been known for quite a while in all branches of music, Omar Hazem opens Made in Cairo on Saturday night, 6pm to 7pm, it will repeat each 3rd Friday of the month.
  • have a good time!! and love the music!! [slash]

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