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<a href='https://www.tm-radio.com/e/1887'><strong>TM Radio</strong> :: D.I.E.M.-Untitled_078 @ Tribalmixes Radio-5-August-2008.mp3</a><br><audio controls controlsList="nodownload" src='https://www.tm-radio.com/access_mp3.php?mp3=3bpikm' type='audio/mpeg' preload='none'></audio>

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Untitled Radio Show was started on Tribalmixes Radio in February, 2007. Scheduled every Tuesday from 4-6 (GMT+1), Slide&rsquo;s and D.I.E.M.&rsquo;s radio show sets out to feature the best Djs on a carpet, starting out from the domestic Hungarian electronic music scenery, pacing step by step to all parts of the world, in order to provide a carefully chosen series of quality music to radio listeners, featuring the best artists of what Today has to offer. To top it all up, ever keeping a wide-open eye on emerging talents, the obsessed producers of Untitled Radio Show are proud to present newfound rookies, and see them prove they&rsquo;re truly up to the profession!Starting out from a close circle of Dj friends, who diligently gave their best in their Dj mixes, and offered the most to gradually widen this lovely circle of Untitled Radio Show musicians, friends and fans, to a point where smoothly slipping down its chains URS commenced into a procession which has fast turned out to be unstoppable. Week by week did the list of featured artists grow, and the names of the first, most respected Djs, André, Limited, Feeder, Manic N, Dave van N, Journey Blage, Deeroy, Grey (The Tricky Monkeys Project), Dj Kuhl, were soon accompanied by names of fellow musicians from Romania, Austria, Italy, Portugal, Germany, the Netherlands, the USA, Argentina and Australia, all to assure both listeners and Untitled Radio Show staff, that there&rsquo;s no limit to what&rsquo;s more to come.Setting out new daring goals on accomplishment of each little mile-stone, Untitled has by now collected a fine list of prominent international Djs and producers for reference. Having featured great Dj mixes from Luca & Paul aka Microdinamic, Lucio and Pep, Nick-k, Mihai Popoviciu, the Abnormal Boyz, or NDKj from the top international scene, Untitled Radio Show has brought to listeners a great many good artists from among the upcoming part of the profession as well. Thanks to the extensive range of e-communication used, Untitled producers were lucky enough, and by all means most delighted to have tracked down such promising new talents as D.I.E.M. from Portugal, who has ever been a great contributor to Untitled Radio Show in all terms; now enjoying his newly obtained post of co-host, having every first Tuesday each month just for himself to tinker with. Having a highly productive scene just a reach away, our Romanian fellas didn&rsquo;t cause any disappointment either! Alex Linte and Jay Bliss being great producers are definitely ones to look out for among the newcomers. Keeping the Hungarian scene also in mind, the names of Grey aka KOMFORT recently getting down to the production part of it, J-Smith, Cave Sedem, or Skitish should be noted amongst those emerging, who&rsquo;s innate talents have been backed-up by such great pro-class native colleagues as SanFranciscoBeat, or Moonline, and all those homies who&rsquo;ve been here with us from the very beginning.Motivated by all the success we gained through the work of these great-many artists - as you see the list is endless - more new, unique and crazy ideas come into mind, all to continue the improvement of the show! Now with an extra devoted member on the other half of the continent, Untitled Radio Show will reach out further to pick the fresh fruits of the blooming music gardens, added up with brand new thoughts of who to feature next from the tops of the pops.Soon after show-time, all sets are available for download from www.tribalmixes.com for registered users (torrent page). Tracklistings of sets are given in the profile blog (to be updated - sorry for the delays). Sets are also available for download to all Internet users through major forums, so if you&rsquo;re not a collector yet, check us out!Upcoming shows will be posted continuously. Keep checking back regularly, to find out what&rsquo;s more to come!
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