Featuring 1 exclusive DJ Mix, curated by Magiccdenny
Minds Of Magic Guest Mix By Peggy Deluxe
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Featuring 1 exclusive DJ Mix, curated by Magiccdenny
Minds Of Magic Guest Mix By Alfonso Muchacho
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Minds Of Magic


Airs Every 1st Friday, 6pm
April 3rd
3 Episodes aired so far
Greetings from Sri Lanka!
Minds Of Magic is an electronic dance music show focused on Progressive music and its sub-genres such as Progressive House, Deep Progressive & Melodic House/Techno. Hosted by Magiccdenny and his team. Our goal in this show is to feature all upcoming Artists and DJ's in the dance music scene.

My Guest Today is Peggy Deluxe from Luxembourg, Belgium. Influenced by the synth sound of the 80s.
She bought her first Acid/New Beat record when she was 15.
Working as DJ began at the age of 18, on parties, in different clubs.
She was the first female DJ in her country (she even did not know about it, that was not her purpose to become DJ).

With 20 Peggy learned spinning with turntables. A real passion began.
At 21 she became bored playing Pop, Rock and Dance Music.
For herself she already bought electronic music for a while, but could not play these records in the clubs she was working.
In 1993 she met techno event promoters and same year in October she could play at her very first Techno event.
As House/Techno DJ, Peggy was Resident in different clubs in Luxembourg, Germany and Belgium.

Enjoy the show and don't forget to catch us on our next Episode of Minds Of Magic, Cheers!

Peggy Deluxe (Guest) Social Media
Soundcloud soundcloud.com/peggy-deluxe?fbclid=IwAR3bJ0hu6Kj-MGE7zqr7dM3U4tNctFINg3vI0e_afeS6VF_xLk2-JpW7T6k

Mixcloud mixcloud.com/peggy-deluxe/?fbclid=IwAR361O8jww4yc8cDOiD46NbCKlQluNA3w1R-yA-KrYLFkk09IW9Zcr56zx0

Facebook    facebook.com/PeggyDeluxe/

Instagram instagram.com/peggy_deluxe_luxembourg/

Youtube youtube.com/channel/UC4VYoXdpBysm5TMLBEu_BBw?fbclid=IwAR0FZ8CyPrlG8UA-

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Soundcloud soundcloud.com/dennis-kenny-432557036

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