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Pure techno energy by Spec J DJ 5.1.2018
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<a href='https://www.tm-radio.com/e/9127'><strong>TM Radio</strong> :: Pure techno energy by Spec J DJ 5.1.2018</a><br><audio controls controlsList="nodownload" src='https://www.tm-radio.com/access_mp3.php?mp3=fhi8c5' type='audio/mpeg' preload='none'></audio>

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Pure Techno Energy

Spec J DJ

Airs Every 1st Friday, 6pm
January 5th
2 Episodes aired so far
nJoy Pure techno music. This is first show for TM Radio. Follow me to keep update latest sets at TM Radio and my YouTube channel, subscribe my videos and like it. Thanks

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