Featuring 1 exclusive DJ Mix, curated by blake sutherland
Blake Sutherland - Cityscape Sessions 180 on TM Radio - 20-sep-2017.mp3
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<a href='https://www.tm-radio.com/e/8609'><strong>TM Radio</strong> :: Blake Sutherland - Cityscape Sessions 180 on TM Radio - 20-sep-2017.mp3</a><br><audio controls controlsList="nodownload" src='https://www.tm-radio.com/access_mp3.php?mp3=eqle00' type='audio/mpeg' preload='none'></audio>

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Cityscape Sessions

Blake Sutherland

Airs Every even Wednesday, 3pm
September 20th
2 Episodes aired so far
For over 10 years, Cityscape Sessions has been a constant purveyor of cutting-edge melodic dance music. The bi-weekly radio show features exclusive mixes from host and Wide Angle Recordings’ founder Blake Sutherland, and the world’s most forward-thinking producers and DJs, including Solee, Cid Inc, Pole Folder, Ryan Davis, Fairmont, Marc Poppcke, Oliver Lieb, Mattheis, Olivier Weiter, Microtrauma, and many, many more.

Cityscape Sessions is broadcast to listeners in over 72 countries on over 40 radio stations around the world. The show averages 5,000 plays on SoundCloud and maintains a 5-star rating on iTunes.

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