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September 21st, 2007
January 23rd, 2009
60 Episodes
Heavenly Trance: RadioShow with DJ D-Mad
Radioshow Heavenly Trance. Author's radioshow of D-Mad takes the beginning in February, 2007 when on small network radio, and already by the end of April was broadcast on the several small Internet-radio stations. In the end of July Dj D-Mad has won back 20-th release representing a five-hour mix from the best tracks of the previous episodes. Thus, the first season of radioshow has been closed. The second season has been opened in the end of September.To it the moment the support have expressed: Bobina, Vadim Zhukov, Alexander Popov, Paul Vinitsky, Aurosonic, The Orange, Tenthu, Poison Pro, Northwest, Rest Point, Musical Religion, Energetika, In-Progress and representatives of Ukraine: Alive Stone, Renov8, Aquile and TB. With each release of the musicians who have supported D-Mad and its radioshow, all is more and more.
Each episode Heavenly Trance is 2 hours per a mode non-stop in the mix where D-Mad represents novelties trance and progressive. Some tracks are represented in special headings:

FAVORITE sound - the best track of week

SPECIAL for you - the track played for the first time, as a rule, represents creativity of the Russian producer

OPENING or the week - opening of week, that is creativity of the author of this track hitherto was not familiar to me

CLASSIC of trance - the track which let out up to 2003, and has become by 2003, already original classics of a genre.

Listen Heavenly Trance every week on Friday 2 pm GMT+3 on TribalMixes radio
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