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Thanks to everyone for their support.... DJ's and listeners alike. Be expecting some heavy hitters doing mixes exclusively for our site in the next few months. Like slash said, please bare with us in this time of establishment. Let's keep it strong!

even that radio is officially working, there's still alot to do, alot to test, alot to check and make sure, and blah-blah. so please be considerate and show understanding if the stream suddenly stops and then doesn't come back for a few minutes - it means it's being tested, tracks can change without being ended, everything can happen in the next few days, so expect the unexpected and consider our position - we have to make it work, while you're only gonna use it... :)

tribalmixes radio is now open!!!

coming up TRANCE HIGHWAYS episode 23
hosted by SUNNTECK, starts at 9 PM GMT!!!


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