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May of 2005 marks the beginning of I.R.A.'s professional career. She becomes a resident at the Shooters night club in Kiev. Exactly at this time she develops
a linking to two particular styles of persormance: trance and progressive trance, which become her main. But, the DJ has her own, unordinary vision of delivery of these styles. Every mix of I.R.A. isn't just a dance compilation of progressive tracks - it's an emotional revolution on the dancefloor, created by soft and sensbile female hands. During the residency time, I.R.A' collects large crowds which ofter fill the dancefloors completely. Also, first fans of her performance start to emerge, who never miss a show by I.R.A'.

September of 2005 - DJ I.R.A' starts to collaborate with the "Energetika" label, and immediately begins to work on her first release. In January of 2006, "Reprodukciya snow" album is released as a result of this collaboration, with a presentation in the end of January at "Zaire" night club.
After this, a chain of shows entitled "Global Warming" from the "Energetika" label in Kiev's night clubs took place. I.R.A' takes an active part in organizing and performing these shows.

February of 2006 - DJ I.R.A', in conjunction with DJ Max Kotovskiy are busy in creating a musical style of a DJ-cafe entitled "Fresh-time". It was here that DJ I.R.A' proved hereself and excellent performer of such styles as light house and deep house. A series of shows entitled "Feeling and emotion" take place with her direct involvement. At some of them, I.R.A' works in conjunction with a saxophonist. The result of this musical performance has overcome all the expectations - the emotional mixes of I.R.A' tied with the most romantic instrument so closely and harmonically, that the people attending could not even imagine both apart of each other. At the same time, I.R.A. works at trance private parties from Miracle-Corporation.

April of 2006 - DJ I.R.A' becomes a guest at DJ Anna Lee's radio show "Club-Styles" on Star FM Kiev.

July of 2006 - one more mix from DJ I.R.A' becomes a guest at the "Club-Styles" show. Right now, DJ I.R.A' is actively working on her second album and is actively touring night clubs all over Ukraine. It is the beginning of a new professional step, where emotional progressive trance explodes into energetic uplifting trance, thus creating unforgettable emotions of those who love life in all its aspects. Every mix of DJ I.R.A. is a revolutionary cocktail for those who don't accept life without with bright and dynamic flashes in it, as well as soft and melodic silence.

Professionally mixed music at first takes one infinity on the wings of softest feelings, which in the process of flight become more energetic, acquire insane dynamics and the power of passion. Following the emotional explosion, the bright insanity again becomes the melodic tenderness, and then again acquires breath, powers, and the untamed desire to live. And so on - to infinity, until the breath does not become one for all... The breath in Trance style.

DJ I.R.A'. Revolution in trance...

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Breath Of The Sky (Oct 26, 2006)
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