hello hello!!! Merry Christmas to all, and a Happy New Year as well!!! many things are happening around us, and here's a great time to pick up on radio's future events!!!
  • 7 February 2009, 21:00 DELICIOUS MUSIC hosted by Ahmed Alaa is inviting JOHN DAHLBÄCK for a special episode
  • 18 January 2009, 00:00 (Midnight of Saturday into Sunday) - the beginning of the TWENTY FOUR HOUR marathon celebration of the second anniversary and the 50th episode of BEAT SENSOR, very popular show hosted by Style Clash and moT. they are inviting 19 more DJs, their friends and brothers (Alex Rize, Bourne, Co-Jack, Danny Lloyd, Dave Carden, Dave Sanders, Dynamic Illusion, Fady Ferraye, Kintar, Mannel, Michael & Levan, Neo, Neurophobe, Nightlight, Rasti Tkac, Retroid, Santiago Deep, Stereostrip, Wolf) to celebrate with them, bringing the total time of brand new fresh music to be played that day-night to marvelous number of 24 straight hours. this is not to be missed, tune in all day long for 15 minutes or 15 hours to show your respect and unity with us, and yes - it's going to be off the hook!!!

  • 23 January 2009, 18:00 .. 21:00 - The Bastard Who Stole My Tunes invites Dimas a.k.a. D-Formation from Madrid, Spain to take part in the show!!! warm welcome!!!