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alot of things happened recently, we have mighty many new shows started or to be first aired soon, very warm welcome to all the new hosts/djs/great guys. please check out these new shows and their hosts.
  • Pure Senses is back after an unintentional summer break, and our well known dj Migas now joins his powers with another Portuguese talent and his great friend 2tan, and the show is now hosted by 2 of them.
  • Egyptian Marwan el Swaisy aka SEWWES is back, he will be hosting show called Deep Heat Sessions, starting every 4th Monday at 11pm...
  • Human-like Musique hosted by Nick Nikolov might remind a hearing ear, some show that has disappeared...
  • Disco Sensation Radio Show operated by C.J. Wega from Hungary is having its second episode already this Friday, coming twice a month, third episode is promised to be with Simon & Shaker guesting!!
  • short-named Spotted with deepsns from Bulgaria also has alreadty been Grandly Opened, excellent music there!
  • here comes We Love Tuesdays with emata hosting, solid tribal sounds, every 4th Tuesday, 5pm, with second episode on 25th this month, this show has evolved from similar appearances on area..
  • Feel The Sound hosted by b0na is another great addition to our show-list, with host well known to tm community..
  • many must remember SilentRaver by his awesome appearance in IDC, now welcome his show-project Mood Swings, with that genre of the music changing throughout the episode and from one to another...
  • please, spread the word about the radio, we have many more shows and djs to come!!! edm for the ppl. [slash]

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