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Behi'Nd 5

My stories in mixed sound journeys are reflection of current state of mind, feelings and emotions. This one about eight years long relation ship with my best friend that recently die on my hand. He's gone after he was big part of my every day life. This sad situation lead me thinking about all moments while we are connected to internet, relationships of smiles & short sentience in best case. People on longer or even shorter distances being constantly shortened for Now! moment of life round us, just because we are constantly virtually distracted. And I miss that touch & feel relationships, that is why I try to do all those events that just aren't a Party goal, but first step on the new road to basic physical relationships. As I see just more and more virtual people occurring round me... I am sad because of lost, sad because where human relation goes. And then we regret because we didn't have more time looking to each other from I to an eye.

This 120 minutes long journey is for my true fella's for passed away Chabby Alonso Nuske. All the track in this mix were posted in group Progressive House Slovenia I just pick those one's out that I like most. As a "Drama Queen" that I believe I am sometimes this might be also my last journey with these guys. A group of rare reality contacts, rare comments, likes, real life event supporters. Story in which I just doesn't fit as there is that insipid virtual relationship...

So enjoy your sound & Goodbye my soul the happy hunting grounds of eternity. Hawk!

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