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This is the seventh hour of my set that I played at Robert Johnson in Offenbach on January 26th. I havenīt played in my hometown for nearly four years now and I was quite happy to be playing at Robert Johnson for the first time ever actually. I knew that this was most likely going to be a longer gig, but it went on even longer than I had anticipated. Confidns warmed up the place for me, I started to play at two and finished my set around eleven in the morning, after about nine hours of going through all kinds of music, new and old. It turned out to be an extremely fun night with good old friends around - and being able to go home in a taxi and to sleep in your own bed was quite a plus. The set is now eight hours long as I sadly had to edit out some unreleased music I was playing, tracks that will be out on my album, which is going to drop later this year. More information on that, of course you will find when I have it :) I still hope you enjoy the set, itīs quite a long one, and for your listening pleasure I decided to drop the voiceovers in the middle of the individual one hour long parts. It was a fantastic night, thanks to all people coming to my hometown to party!

Running Time: 1 hour 0 minutes

Chris Liebing - AM-FM 158 (live at Robert Johnson, Offenbach, hour 7) on TM Radio - 19-mar-2018.mp3
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