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For the end of the year and the beginning of a new one, I try to humbly state that I think I have something special for you. This week´s AMFM is the recording of the third, one and a half hours long part of the set that I played at Kompass Club in Gent on Friday, December 15, 2017. Maybe the best gig of the year, maybe so far in my career. Of course that is purely subjective, but playing felt so effortless and without much thinking in this insane industrial location with that amazing sound system. Sounds and beats just somehow flew together and all made sense. Being close to that beautiful crowd in the rather big hall made things become more and more one.

Congrats to the sound, light and visual team btw, they all did a great job. There were so many trippy, jacking and other special moments, playing Jones and Stephenson in Belgium, being one of them (check the post that I did right after the gig). Everyone I talked to beforehand told me that I will have fun at Kompass Club. I had no clue how much it would be. All I can say is thanks to all involved for this night. Very special

Running Time: 1 hour 0 minutes

Chris Liebing - AM/FM 148 (Live at Compass Club, Ghent, Belgium, hour 3) on TM Radio - 08-jan-2018.mp3
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