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The Man Behind The Mask
Brand new series is Coming:Up from January 2018 by indianX. Riding his passion for another 365 days and reviling his journey so far.
Winter didn't show her full strength jet, today is finally snowing and a cold wind is in the air. Days are slowly prolonging but night is still long ahead before it will be the same length as daylight. Freeze down by almighty nature cycle we should calm down and relax as nature propose us. In this manner our next two hour set will be pervade. With deep, dark sound but for those one that are born in this time it might be also uplifting and never completely calm down energy.
There is no sleep for the world of Aquarius in the city of the Counts...

indianX (SLO)
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Running Time: 1 hour 57 minutes

Mild N Minty - The Man Behind The Mask - indianX January 2018
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Tagged: Mild 'n Minty Progressive Deep House Techno

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