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Live from Loca Beach Club Pt. 2 and OC & Verde Guest Mix

This week I have something very special for you, a guest mix from OC & Verde. This UK-based DJ duo shouldn’t need an introduction, but I’ll give them one anyway. From their hit track Massai to their awesome remix of Veerus’s ‘Beat That,’ which dropped on Yoshitoshi earlier this summer and tore up the Beatport charts, they’ve consistently shown themselves to be a production duo to be reckoned with. Before we get to that however, enjoy thirty more minutes from my set at Loca Beach Club, which you heard an hour from last week.

- Sharam

Running Time: 1 hour 0 minutes

Sharam - Yoshitoshi Radio 007 (Live from Loca Club Greece Pt. 2), OC & Verde Guest Mix - 16-sep-2017
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this set's tracklist:
Sharam tracklist:
1. Animal Picnic & Aaryon - Tets
2. Luzon - Manila Sunrise (Khainz Remix)
3. Khainz - Diagonal
4. CJ Jeff - Pitch Black
5. Sharam & Reinier Zonneveld - Ski

OC & Verde guestmix tracklist:
1. Stan Kolev & Matan Caspi - Enigma
2. OC & Verde - Solstice
3. Veerus - Beat That (OC & Verde Remix)
4. Reinier Zonneveld - Dance With The Devil
5. Paride Saraceni - Barcelondon
6. Citizen Kain & Kiko - Morning Bliss

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