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Dave Clarke has found a new home on TM Radio for his most amazing White Noise weekly radio show. Catch it on Fridays!!

Running Time: 59 minutes

Dave Clarke - White Noise 611 on TM Radio - 15-sep-2017.mp3
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this set's tracklist:
01. Kenny Larkin - Stepback (Panic Remix)
02. Dave Clarke - Charcoal Eyes (Glass Tears) (Terence Fixmer Remix)    (Skint Records)
03. Beta Evers - Move In My Body Rhythm   
04. Geistech - Pistelero
05. House - Lotto Spot   
06. Planetary Assault Systems - Desert Races   
07. Ade Fenton - Manipulator (Ben Long Spore Mix)   
08. John Heckle - Archipelago   
09. Secluded - Functional   
10. Umek - Descending Into Chaos   
11. Sejon - Interdimensional [UNSIGNED]   
12. Troy - Flux   
13. The Subdermic - The theme from the Triangle   
14. RRKS - Progression   
15. Roseen - Multiple Infection

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