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Spring is blooming to it's peak, days are rainy but air is warmer with a scent of summer coming on the way. Progressive sound once heard in early 90's is live more than ever in underground electronic scene. It's inviting listeners, dancers, artist for divine experience as a Jazz of electronics. While you can listen to it but just some are fragile enough to hear it with the heart. Dreaming and creating with the passion last three decades finally brought the time of indi's transformation, living it to become an art it self.

In music and dance he express him self
as a member of a higher community.
He has forgotten,
how to walk and speak,
and he's toward flying through the air,

The final Progressive House podcast journey of indianX 120 minutes 'NX shows with progressive approach toward electronic music is here.
Enjoy listening, dancing and downloading!

And join:US on live!video stream from Open Air Boiling room event in old stone quarry! This Sunday evening at 22.00 hrs CET.
A special audio/visual performance of Mild 'N Minty tandem with progressive sound of indianX and video mapping by VJ isub$ystems.

Pruh Boiler 2017

*.*.* > PLAY & Dance with us *.*.*
indianX >>>
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Fan >>>

Running Time: 1 hour 59 minutes

Mild 'N Minty - 'NX6 - indianX.mp3
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