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'NX°5 spring edition
This podcast is 3rd indi's version of core set if you notice recently on his music clouds. Last month show was dedicated to 3rd anniversary of Mild 'N Minty so the 'NX story was on a side for a month.

Living in a time where creativity of anything is of short lifespan duration, while DeeJaying is mixed:up and confused with making music production, some rare artists decide to step back and keep the posture of non commercial attitude with slow choosing of tunes, not compromising the music they play, following just their inner taste for the sound no matter where industry goes.
This podcast is dedicated to present moment. To make difference indi made three stories out of February collection of his favorite tunes:
- making 41" set for BURN competition
- adding some tunes to the end for 58" 3rd anniversary set
- and for final 121" 'NX°5 set where he create new beginning and also ending of the same core set that was played live on Mild 'N Minty 3rd anniversary Official event - Mask 'N Ball.

On this show indi continue to revile last punches of winter time with dark Minimal sound moving toward warmer spring'ish Deep House genre that he also like in his progressive approach of playing.

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Running Time: 2 hours 1 minute

Mild 'N Minty - 'NX°5 - indianX - (30th of March 2017) on
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