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Expect some of my favourite progressive this month with some stellar gems I have been saving

Ozgur Ozkan - Moonrise
Moshic - stand Still
Rich Curtis - Freeloader (Cid Inc remix)
Mateo Murphy - Restless
Quivver - here and now
Diyo - Underwater
Carl Hendrix - Sunrise (Angga remix)
Staziz - Citrus Sky (Robert R. Hardy remix)
Terra - Black cat production
Steve McGrath - Reanimator
Sebastian Busto - Stairway to nowhere
Julian Rodriguez - Chos Malal
Barry Jamieson - Below the sky
Valen den Bit, rEd'u - Insanity Forest (Robert R. Hardy remix)
Mike Griego, Amber Long - Sofia (Dub mix)
Ben Shaw - Above the Clouds

Running Time: 1 hour 48 minutes

Deeper Coagulant 012 - January 2016.mp3
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Tagged: Deeper Coagulant January Progressive Deep House

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Deeper Coagulant

Paul Ross
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