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Episode 016 mixed by Cristian Varela, the winner of the International Award Ibiza 2007 as BEST DJ Techno IN THE WORLD, Dj Of The Year 2007 and Best Techno DJ 2008, in the eighth year in a row. Cristian has more than 25 prizes (best label, best producerů) along more than 17 years of recognised careerů

01.Philip Chedid - Reflex (Komaroff Remix) [Insomniafm Records]
02.Franzis-D - Impetus (Robbie Jay & ReDub Remix) [Insomniafm Records]
03.John D & Zan Prevee - Red Moon (Benny Dawson Remix) [Insomniafm Records]
04.P-Ben - La Natural (Original Mix) [Insomniafm Records]
05.Benny Dawson - Peachy (Original Mix) [Insomniafm Records]
06.Orelse - Daydream (AM mix) [Insomniafm Abstracts]
07.Darkon - Destiny (Zan Prevee Remix) [Insomniafm Digital]
08.Booya & Dayah Mari - Release Me (Original Mix) [Insomniafm Digital]
09.Arthur Sense & Graham Lloris - Izgrejala (AquAdro Remix) [Insomniafm Digital]
10.Franzis-D - Impetus (Original Mix) [Insomniafm Records]
11.Yves Eaux & Ruslan Cross - Something Happened (Omar Silba Remix) [Insomniafm Records]
12.Kris Omen - Invisible Force (Hector Sawiak Remix) [Insomniafm Records]
13.Not Available
14.Not Available
15.Not Available
16.Not Available
17.Not Available
18.Not Available
19.Not Available
20.Not Available

Running Time: 1 hour 55 minutes

Cristian Varela - Insomniafm Showcase 016 - November 2012.mp3
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