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TranceFormation Episode 010 (Mixed by DSI)

1. Tonika Provocation - No Name 104/5 Fm [Nizhniy Novgorod]
2. DJ Freewind - In da club [Cherkessk]
3. Andrey Samardac vs Injir - Have A Nice Day [Belci]
4. Serenity - No response [Chelyabinsk]
5. DJ-Beat - Waiting For Tomorrow [Donetsk]
6. DJ Sequencer - Sakura Garden [Moscow]
7. Abstract Vision - Stardust [Tula]
8. Paskar - Sweet Poison
9. Lighter 1 - Solitude
10. Side Project of Abstract Vision - Adrenaline [Tula]
11. DJ Freewind - Blash your enemy [Cherkessk]
12. DJ DSI - Bassline [Tula]
13. Abstract Vision - Evening Sun [Tula]
14. Evave - Sunset
15. Abstract Vision - Beyond Horizon [Tula]
16. DJ Freewind - What Are You Trying To Do [Cherkessk]
17. DJ-Beat - 25 Sharp [Donetsk]
18. Abstract Vision - Distant Wave [Tula]
19. DJ Sequencer - Inspiration [Moscow]
20. Tonika Provocation - Winter Is Out There [Nizhniy Novgorod]
21. JT - Nature's Melody
22. Abdomen Burst feat. DZK - Badminton [Moscow]
23. Squeeze Box - Ocean (Abstract Vision Remix) [Tula]

The music is curated by DJ DSI

Tagged: Tranceformation From Russia Trance Progressive Deep House

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