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Episode 010 brings John D who is interested in new sounds due to the influence of his friend, the sounds of the 80's, 90's and New Era. In 2012 John D started to collaborate with Insomniafm Records and released "Silent Winter", superb EP with melodic elements never seem to progress; the piping notes dissipating into the sky. Similarly, its understated, acidic low-end isn't particularly impelling; it just bubbles on the spot like a volcanic mud puddle..
He will be Promote a 120 min. DJ SET Incl. Insomniafm Releases

    Adnan Jakubovic - Maybe We Will Last Forever (John D Remix) [Deepsessions Recordings]
    Franzis-D - Romance En Cordoba (Matias Spataro Remix) [Insomniafm Records]
    Zibe - Mental (Ilker Rukan Remix) [Insomniafm Records]
    Erik Iker - Always Protected (Original Mix) [Insomniafm Records]
    Boral Kibil - Paradox (Loquai Remix) [Insomniafm Records]
    Peaceful Mind - Ray Of Light (Original Mix) [Insomniafm Records]
    John D - The Third Night (Graham Lloris Remix) [Insomniafm Digital]
    John D - Obsession (Original Mix) [Deepsessions Recordings]
    Erik Iker - Sometimes (Original Mix) [Insomniafm Records]
    Franzis-D - Crysis (Nick Wurzer Remix) [Insomniafm Digital]
    Dj Duma & Nico Kala G - Elements Of Darkness (Kaan Koray Remix) [Insomniafm Records]
    Kaan Koray & Eray - Rise Of Darkness (Erdi Irmak Remix) [Insomniafm Records]
    Peaceful Mind - Vortex (Joe Fisher & Diego Corbijn Remix) [Insomniafm Records]
    Amber Tiny & Stanisha -Nobody Knows(John D Remix) [Deepsessions Recordings]
    Stanisha - Disappear (unsigned track)
    John D - Touched The Darkness (Zan Preveť Remix) [Insomniafm Records]
    Orelse - Sun Above Your Eyes (Stanisha Remix) [Insomniafm Records]

Running Time: 2 hours 6 minutes

John D - Insomniafm Showcase 010 on TM-Radio - 18-may-2012.mp3
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