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Episode 005 mixed by John Ov3rblast, in the age of 8th he first met Jean Michel Jarre, Vangelis from the vinyls of his father.
Then later on, inteenage he started going out in rave parties outside of the city borders of Athens.

He was into rave culture and clubbing for many years.Started composing tracks using personal computer of those days commodore,amiga just for the fun of it. Using the turntables of a friend he started mixing his favorite flavours from the detroit scene and taking part in private parties .

He will be Promote/Presenting 120 min. DJ SET Incl. IFMR Releases


1) Franzis D - Nicotine (Jonatan Ramond Remix)-[Inscomniafm Records]
2) Brazza - Less Is More (Fabio T Remix)-[Insomniafm Records]
3) Dj Massymo TN - Gothique ( Original Mix)-[Insomniafm Records]
4) Brazza - Less Is More (Deejay Mo Remix)-[Insomniafm Records]
5) Franzis D - Nicotine (Stefan Djordejic)-[Insomniafm Records]
6) Fyono - I Miss Your Love (Lelly For The Babbies Remix)-[Insomniafm Records]
7) Dj Massymo TN - Oley (Original Mix)-[Insomniafm Records]
8) Adobe - Anonymous (Original Mix)-[Insomniafm Records]
9) Deejay Mo & Pillsman - Croatian Army (John Ov3rblast Remix)-[Insomniafm Records]
10) Franzis D - Nicotine (Sinior Cliff Remix)-[Insomniafm Records]
11) White Brothers - Global Communication (Original Mix)-[Insomniafm Records]
12) White Brothers - Warm Lies (Original Mix)-[Insomniafm Records]
13) Franzis D - Nicotine (Original Mix)-[Insomniafm Records]
14) Brazza - Less Is More (Ruca Apple Remix)-[Insomniafm Records]
15) Deejay Mo & Pillsman - Croatian Army (Franzis D Remix)-[Insomniafm Records]
16) Deejay Mo & Pillsman - Croatian Army (John Ov3rblast Remix)-[Insomniafm Records]
17) Nick Wurzer & Kai Randy - Rhythym Inch (Original Mix)-[Insomniafm Records]
18) Brazza - Less Is More (Original Mix)-[Insomniafm Records]
19) Nick Wurzer & Kai Randy - Musica Electronica (Original Mix)-[Insomniafm Records]
20) Marcu Vershi - Joly (Original Mix)-[Insomniafm Records].

Running Time: 1 hour 59 minutes

John Ov3rblast - Insomniafm Records 005 - 02.12.2011.mp3
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