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Inspired by Levente's recent week spent in LA....brought to you by Ableton and it's plug ins right from his hotel room overlooking the city...Almost two hours of a melodic and moody trance vs progressive and deep house....Tracklist:
Levente Sessions March 22, 2007
1. Chris Hampshire Storyreel (Levente Re-edit)
2. Iio At the End (Scumfrog)
3. Id Further South
4. Blue Fish Been Too Long
5. Velvet Girl feat Anita Kelsey Satisfy (Airwave Mix)
6. Phoebe Grateful Things (Original)
7. Id Blue Haze (D.Marios Mix)
8. BT Somnabulist (Original)
9. Id Siver Liquid
10. Id
11. Trentmoller Miss You (Original Mix)
12. Id
13. Joost Van Der Vleuten New Horizon
14. Late Night Alumni Empty Streets (Chill)
15. New Dreams Chillout

Running Time: 1 hour 37 minutes
The music is curated by levente & taki

Levente Sessions LAX.mp3
12 37
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