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Tune in for this very special episode! Amazing Artist and DJ Max Demand Takes his initial Vonat Radio appearance with a slammin mix to be followed by Taki to finish off the second half of this month's Show.
Max Demand:

Baksa Zsolt, alias Max Demand was born 1984 in Tata, and he lives here as yet. He was only 12 years old, when he started to interest in music compilation. The first effect of his work was his first official coming out in 2006 with name: Welcome to the Summer.
The next one was Sabine EP only a half year later. He conquered many charts and playlists (Beatport Top Prog6, Playittonight General Top2) and he got a regard between international progressive house producers. After his first succes, he has many compositions,
official coming outs and remix requests.
Actually Zsolt is one of the best upcoming producer from Europe in the house scene.
His first year work was break a record in 3 music label: Visa Versa, Feralcode Records (HUN), Total Wipes (ITA).
In this time 12 music label keep his name in 5 stlyle and with 48 track/music/remix. His compositions are on above 6 published
mix, mix-cd, for example: Pole Folder - Destinations, Marco V - Unfold 3, the most prestigious label in Greece, The Sounds Of Everything - Concealed Truth 2.
He worked (remix request, remix making) with pruducers like Umek, Guy J, Moonbeam, Snake Sedrick, Joel Armstrong, Facundo
Mohrr, Marrakech, Add2Basket.
His songs played well known DJs, like: John Digweed, Sasha, Jimmy Van M, Eelke Kleijn, Menno De Jong, 16Bit Lolitas,
Simon&Shaker, Jay Epoch, Solarstione, Angelli & Nellson, Gareth Emery, Marco, Snake Sedrick, Facuno Mohrr.
Max started the dj carrier too, he was soon in a lot of gigs in Hungary and in Europe too. Max’s music is very groovy, sexy and
really dancefloor friendly. He is a very colorful dj, playing music from Proghouse to Techno.
Actually he working on original Prog/Tech projects and searching new sounds for his first Artist Album, what You can hear in
late of 2010 ..

You can find Max Demand on some “community” site too, where You can read the hottest news, listen mixes, podcasts online or
buy Max Demand music. Please let me help, with website it’s for You! - coming
Név: Zsolt Baksa
Skype: max.demand
Aim: maxdemand24
Tel: +36209848675
Download Mixes, upcoming releases online:
Buy Max Demand songs, releases:
Read News, Follow gigs and Events:
Max Demand Youtube Channel:

Running Time: 2 hours 1 minute

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