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Happy New Years everyone,, hope everyone has had a blast over the holidays.Looking

Looking Back on the bigg Celebration we had last month of this show,, I wanna thank everyone for making that a sucessful listening event, hope you all enjoy it.. If you dont know of what i am taking about, look back to episode 50.. Still available here on

This month we are joined by a radio resident KyngBee on a popular site.. here's a BIO on him


Born in Leeds, West Yorkshire some time in the last century - kyngbee (with a small k) is a record collector, DJ, mix-tape ninja, Super-Villain and mask wearing internet radio behemoth.

Switched on to the funk from an early age, young Bee was selected to take part in a primitive English government bionics program rebuilding his broken body using parts of both an Oberheim DMX drum machine and a Roland 303, after he was run over, and seemingly mortally injured by Hall and Oates tour bus in 1983.

Bee disappeared from view for the next decade and a half building up his sonic arsenal, and legend has it during this time he worked on top secret disco black-ops mercenary missions internationally for the highest bidder.

Bee can now be found holding down every Friday night on TMB.DJ radio since 2009 - and can be heard in 2011 playing at 'The Loophole' - a series of irregular parties held to be held in Leeds.

This mix for dubfanatic contains an hour of the kind of Space-Disco & Zombie-House kyngbee has been unleashing on the unwitting public for the last two decades...

As for myself got the 2 hour studio mix... dubbed up for you all.. Got tracks coming from Pobsky, Cosmic Gate, Gareth Emery, Moonbeam, D-Mad,, also remixes from Bissen, Aly & Fila, Skytech, TucandeO,.

Tune in saturday night for a night of true viberaint and thrilling sounds as me (DJ BallO) and KyngBee
keep up the monthly Journey known as DuB FanaticO

Keep up to date with the broadcast via my twitter and facebook...
and via the torrent site

Running Time: 3 hours 2 minutes

Kyngbee - DuB FanaticO 051 (GuestMix).mp3
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DJ Ballo's - DuB FanaticO 051.mp3
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