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Djafar track-list

1. Kintar - Magic of Rhodopa Mountain
2. Prompt - Wicked Game (Roman Lieske Remix)
3. Metadeko - Talk
4. Marcelo Vasami - Loud (Original Mix)
5. Azam Ali - Aj Ondas (D-Medina Mix)
6. DJ Taucher & Shane - Cant Wait (Oliver Morgenroth Remix)
7. Nico Sparvieri - Kalashnikov (Alejo Gonzalez Unconscious Mix)
8. Domased Electronica - Ararat (The Stain Remix)
9. M&d Substance - Mist of Darkness (Mfai Remix)

Vylka tracklist

1. Danny Alpha, Jero, Costa-G - Tribal Night [Vylka Mountain Story Mix]
2. Danny Darko - Desertification - [Dub Mix]
3. AriAna - Do You See It [Vukas & Costanzo Remix]
4. Aran Shades - Mas Que Nada 2010 [Mark Alvarado Circuit Private Mix]
5. DJ Lapetina feat. Black Magic - Musica Divina [Alex Acosta Bearlin Mix]
6. J. Verner feat. Ruda - Ritmo The Jungle [JC Mazter Natural Mix]
7. D-Lav, Craig Mitchell,Shlavens - Noises [Andy Notalez Remix]
8. Emotion - Feelin' [Arca & Notalez Remix]
9. Andy Notalez - I House U [Original Mix]
10. Escobar - Another Chance [Niaz Arca & Andy Notalez Remix]

The music is curated by Djafar, Vylka

Tagged: Bloody Rhythms Grand Opening! Progressive Deep House

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