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Mahtan Telemnar , was born in Istanbul, He has been influenced by several music. He was intensively into classical music. When he attended on University, he had his own show at a local radio station; basically he presented the electronic music to the local people. In 2000 he began to his club dj. He played for main stream venues and he had some warm up set. Meanwhile, he decided to improve his knowledge about electronic music by attending Dj workshop at Bilgi University. He had a successful thesis about “How the electronic music is developed and where it will be in future”. His dream was to see live the legendary house dj’s Frankie Knuckles & David Morales, and this dream was come true in 1999 when this duo took stage in Istanbul.

His Dj carrier was signature by warm up sets to some known Turkish Dj’s and Global Dj’s he had warm up set’s for ; Dj Tolgatan, Dj Soulpower, Dj Mertankan ,Dj Lava, Dj Ira, Dj Ser-touch, Dj Buffy. He also had a chance to warm up set for Murat Uncuoglu, Dj Tarkan, Dj Ricky Ryan, Add 2 Basket and Danny Alpha.

His ambition in to electronic music is never end. He is still trying to find enhanced and superior stuff and bring this delightful taste to people. This man has no boundaries into music.

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