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Welcome everyone, I'm Fede Pals and this is Anestesia Radioshow on Tm-Radio.
Today we have a fantastic episode with tons of great music from very good artists such as Dj Lemy, M.Rojas, VICTHOR, Erdi Irmak and many more.
For the first our of the show we'll be listening to our guest mix, he is a very talented dj and producer, his music is supported by Guy J, Hernan Cattaneo, Nick Warren, Weird Sounding Dude and some other top djs, please welcome to: NOT DEMURE


Live performer, producer, and DJ from Argentina currently based in Balearic Islands Spain.

Not Demure demonstrated artistic talent early on and thanks to the help of his family he was given the opportunity to begin studying violin at the age of 9.
Two years later he was part of his first musical group, making instrumental interpretations of The Beatles. During high school, he formed a rock band where he performed as lead vocalist and second guitar. Soon, however, he discovered synths and drum machines; combined with his love of Ableton and live performance, this changed his musical direction forever.

Not Demure has performed over 300 live sets across South America and Europe, collaborating with a host of international artists in sets characterized by distinctive, harmonic content. His sets complement those of a variety of international artists with whom he has shared the DJ booth:   Graziano Raffa, Clarian, Kamilo Sanclemente Bart Skills, Tapesh, Goncalo, Mike Griego, Golan Zocher, Peter Kater, among others.
His music has been recently played on BBC RADIO 1, several Frisky and Proton Radio Shows, Cercle Spotify Playlist and supported by great artists of the likes of GUY J, who played "Bellabonny" (Movement recordings) on his "Lost & Found ECHOS" Streaming, one of the greatest influences of his musical journey.
Not Demure has released music on Movement Recordings, Univack, Manual Music, Magician On Duty, Krafted, Deepwibe Dialtone, Laika Sounds, Clinique, and Musica Cavernicola just to name a few.
2022 comes with powerful releases on Mango Alley, Yomo Records and Univack Records bearing the fruits of his labor throughout the pandemic.

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Running Time: 2 hours 1 minute

Guest mix Not Demure .mp3
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this set's tracklist:
1st hour Not Demure Tracklist:

1- LYP - Gabz
2- Primal - Home
3- Slow Hearts - Diamonds
4 - ID - ID
5 - Frankie M - Bad Vibe Isn't for Me (Intro Mix)
6 - ID - ID
7 - Francisco Castro - Time Waits for No One
8 - Erdi Irmak - Zura (Original Mix)
9 - JFR - Invisible I Am (Fabri Lopez Remix)
10 - Clarian - Television Days (Guy J Remix)
Fede Pals Closing Episode Mix .mp3
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<a href=''><strong>TM Radio</strong> :: Fede Pals Closing Episode Mix .mp3</a><br><audio controls controlsList="nodownload" src='' type='audio/mpeg' preload='none'></audio>
this set's tracklist:
Fede Pals Tracklist:

1- DJ Lemy - Bien Al Sur [The Purr]
2-Mitch Oliver - Wildfire (Maxi Degrassi Remix)
3-Erdi Irmak - Words on Wind (Extended Mix)
4-AudioStorm - Clarity (Original Mix)
5-Tuba Twooz - People (Original Mix)
6-Dublew - High Seas (Alto Astral Remix).
7-Sanoi - It's All Love Baby (Original Mix)
8-Alex Twin, VICTHOR - Amarr (Original Mix)
9-Gamba (AR) - Everything Is Connected (Original)
10-M.Rojas - Ruderalis (Original Mix)
11-Downpour - Fading (Original Mix)

Tagged: Anestesia Deep House Progressive House

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