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Hello Everyone welcome one more time to our monthly radio show of Anestesia.
This month mix we have the one and only, from Russia: K Loveski

DJ K Loveski was born and raised in St Petersburg and is a pioneer of the Russian house music scene. 

He started his career in 1992 by playing at the most significant underground parties and events, since then K Loveski never looked back. His DJ talent has taken him to more than 20 countries across the globe.

He was voted the best St Petersburg DJ 2001 by Night Life Awards, as well as the winner of the International Grandmaster DJ Contest of 1995 and countless other awards. 

Since 2000 K Loveski has been a popular resident of the legendary Kazantip Festival.

K Loveski has been hosting his own legendary radio show at Radio Record since 1997 for thirteen years being famous for its open-minded approach, not only playing house music but also a full range of electronic and non-club music genres: ambient, modern classical, shoegaze, folktronic, ethno, funk, nu jazz, soul etc. Since 2016 he runs Sever radio show on Proton with Ewan Rill.

Always busy in his homecity of St Petersburg, K Loveski has been and still is a resident in the top St Petersburg house clubs: Tunnel, Mama, Griboyedov, Par, Decadance, Red Club, Planetarium, Pravda, Bubble Bar, Music Hall, Igrateka, Jesus, Warpp etc.

Loveski's sound sits somewhere between all of the funky and sexy forms of house music, always stirring great reactions on the dancefloor. Broad musical taste allows him to feel equally confident at large open air festivals, club nights and even jazz events.

K Loveski is also currently one of Russia's most promising producers, one of his first productions in 2005 being released on the top UK house label Sumsonic. His productions have been published throughout the world on labels such as The Soundgarden, Balance Music, Stellar Fountain, Magnitude Recordings, Soundteller, MNL, Transensations Records, Bonzai Progressive, Balkan Connection, Strangers Beats, BCSA, Yang, aboriginal, LuPS Records, PHW Elements, Movement Recordings, Massive Harmony, Parallel Label, Alola and more with support from top DJs Hernan Cattaneo, Nick Warren, Guy J, Nick Muir, Andrea Cassino, Marcelo Vasami to name a few.

Running Time: 1 hour 56 minutes
The music is curated by Fede Pals

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this set's tracklist:
Fede Pals:

1-Guy j- intro 2
2- Ventt - Silent Memories (Original Mix) [Hoomiddas]
3- Lucas Rossi - Seven Suns (Original Mix) [Amulanga]
4- Davka, Leon Lobato - De Profundis (Cocho Remix)
5- Adisyn - Departure (Hrag Mikkel Remix)
7- NuKreative - Melodia (Original Mix)
8- Nacho Varela, Cruz Vittor - Kush (Extended Mix)
9- Vadim Basov - Spring Story (DP-6 Remix)
10- Avidus - Wanderer's Nightsong (Betical Remix).

K Loveski:

01 Sahar Z, Shai T - Roots [Moments]
02 Petar Dundov - Salvation (Mariner + Domingo Remix) [Particles]
03 Ste Flynn - Lost in Melody (Chaum Remix) [BC2]
04 Niceshot - Popcorn (Berni Turletti Remix) [Droid9]
05 Analog Jungs - Namaste (Imran Khan Remix) [Mango Alley]
06 Kamilo Sanclemente - Evergreen (Original Mix) [Univack]
07 Mike Rish - Killing Time (Original Mix) [Late Night Music]
08 Martin Cozar & Rod Notario - Night Before (NOIYSE PROJECT Remix) [Balkan Connection]
09 ID - ID
10 Andrea Cassino, Lio Q - Asante (Sebastian Sellares Remix) [Proton Music]

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