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1. Chris Ojeda - Andini (Original Mix) [Saisons]
2. Zone+ - Lighting Blues [Akbal Music]
3. Simon Vuarambon - Lazos [Peace Symphonies]
4. Miraval - Father's Portrait [Hoomidaas]
5. Meeting Molly - Sumatra (El Mundo & Zazou Remix) [Kiksuya Records]
6. VieL - Melt Into the Sky (Original Mix) [TOR]
7. Makebo - Good Morning (Original Mix) [Peace Symphonies]
8. Ben Tov - Nuwe Reen (Mass Digital Remix) [Harabe Lab]
9. Mos - Pur Pur [Melody Of the Soul]
10. Greenage - A Walk in the Clouds [Tale & Tone]
11. Nebula, Gardens Of Syringa - Syringa Fields [Ruvenzori]
12. Awka, Gaa Dream - Bioma (Mass Digital Remix) [WORDS NOT ENOUGH]
13. Eduardo McGregor-The Hunt (VieL Remix) [TOR]
14. Davka ft. Leon Lobato - De Profundis [Everything Will Be OK]
15. Evelynka, Sasho Derama - Lost In These Games (Peter Makto Organic Mix) [Truesounds Music]
16. Pambouk, Hrag Mikkel - The Path Of An Honest Man [Hoomidaas]

Running Time: 1 hour 48 minutes

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