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Rob Mirage was born and raised in New York City. Growing up around the influence of music it was only obvious that his goal at age fourteen was to get a pair of turntables and learn how to DJ. Learning the trade came very easy for him and DJing grew to become Rob's biggest passion. At the young age of 16 he spent every weekend at Palladium NYC with a close friend Kieth Carter who at the time was the opening DJ for Hex Hector. These incredible nights opened this young DJ's eyes to a whole new world that he had to be a part of. It didn’t take long before Rob had his own saturday night residency in Brooklyn at UMC. This was also the time he started getting into the crazy underground scene in NY. Rob’s passion for house music grew strong as he listened night after night on the dancefloors of venue’s such as Limelight, Palladium and Tunnel just to name a few. It was then that he knew house music would be a part of his life forever.
After a couple of years, Rob decided that he wanted to see the world. He joined the U.S. Air Force in June of 1996 at the age of 19. Within the four years of his enlistment, Rob found himself traveling to places like Africa, Europe, South America and Central America to say the least. Stationed in Florida, Rob tried as hard as he could to keep Djing. He slowly gained respect from his crowd and acquired residencies at Zanzibar, the Den, Galaxy and many more. While in Florida, he also spent a lot of his free time teaching himself the basics of midi and learning how to produce.
Rob returned to New York in June of 2000. After settling back in and learning a little more about the industry, he collaborated with Chris Soul and produced “Twisting My Brain”. Strictly Rhythm signed it to their label shortly after Victor Calderone played it at Crobar for the Winter Music Conference. Twisting My Brain was a huge turn out for a debut single, reaching number 35 on the Billboard Dance Music Club Play Chart. Shortly after, Rob produced the “Mirage EP” released on Referense Recordings. Consisting of three original tracks, the Mirage EP was being charted and played by DJ’s all over the world. This release gained the attention of Chus and Ceballos in Madrid, Spain and started a friendship that would eventually grow into something much bigger. Two other releases under Rob’s belt are "Do You Love Me?” & “Understand” released on Magna Recordings (Spain). Both releases have given Rob incredible exposure to some of the world’s biggest DJ’s and producers. He then produced and co-wrote “Forever” feat: Pleasant Russell on Loop128 Recordings. Upon release “Forever” topped the charts and was in heavy rotation at numerous radio station all over the world.
Rob has been extremely busy in the studio the past three years completing numerous projects for major labels. First we have “Pillbox - Pounding My Soul” and original "MSP, Corbo & Rob Mirage - Thats It" which were both released on Roger Sanchez’ label Stealth Records. A remix Rob produced called “Cytric - I Need You” for Chus and Ceballos’ own Iberican Recordings is featured on thier Compilation CD BACK2BACK. This remix was also picked up by world renowned DJ Carl Cox for his latest Mix Compilation "GLOBAL". After the success of I Need You he completed three exclusive projects for Chus all of which are featured on Stereo Recordings. “Black Rain, My World & Join Handz" are all huge standout records in the industry. Star 69 also has there eyes on Rob, first licencing his "Cytric - This is the Night" remix for Peter Rauhofer's new Mix Compilation "I Love Miami" and then shortly after signing him to remix "Land of the VooDoo's Bodyshaker" a major hit for thier label. His remix work proved so strong that "Capitol Records" assigned Rob to remix "LaToya" of "Destiny's Child" hit "Obvious". Rob has several other remixes out worldwide, too many to mention but remix after remix Rob keeps pumping them out.
Recently, Rob decided to step away from the remixes for a while to work on some original projects. His "Running Scared EP" released on Solar Recordings has been a huge success. Three amazing originals "In My House, Running Scared and Lose Control" make this release a major statement of Rob's versatility. "Techno Girl", another original he recently produced, was immediatly picked up by Chus for Stereo Productions and will be released in January 2008. A new label to hit the streets very soon from long time friend and DJ Peter Bailey, Substance Music will feature Rob's latest crowd pleaser "Juvenile Delinquents". This production has already created a huge buzz in the industry and is sure to be a chart topper. There are too many other up and coming releases to mention but lets put it this way WATCH OUT...
Mr. Mirage is without a doubt a busy man these days. Aside from his Productions, Rob has been traveling the world DJing. From Columbia, Venezuela, Mexico City and Dominican Republic to the US playing Miami, Boston, Rhode Island and North Carolina. In his hometown New York he's always busy DJing the Main Rooms including the world famous Pacha NYC, Sullivan Room, Arena (Show), Plumm, Deko Lounge and many others.
Rob Mirage is definitely making some major moves in this crazy world of House Music. His DJing and Production reputation has come to speak for itself. Through his devotion, desire and passion for his music, Rob will continue to bring us the music we come to expect from him.

Running Time: 2 hours 20 minutes

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