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Artist description :

LieblingSstück , a german based DJ lives near Cologne and stands for music with profundity.
Amounts of enthusiasm and a high energy level is her personal note. She always tells a special story which lets you dream and think about yourself.
LieblingSstück lets you go on this journey alone but at the end she never lets you fall. She likes to reach you deep in your heart.
LieblingSstück always works with old and new tracks and brings them together in perfect harmony.
She told stories for Getting Deeper, Ibiza Global Radio, Progressive Beats Radio and many more and has a regular show on Pure Ibiza Radio.

What she does with music is more a kind of art than entertainment. She packs always a message in her sets.

Every show is unique, sometimes lovely and groovy, sometimes deep or dark.
The whole bag of skills and LieblingSstück’s deep interpretation.

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Running Time: 2 hours 1 minute

DEEP PASSAGE WITH RANZ | TM RADIO SHOW | EP 028 | Guest Mix by LieblingSstück (Germany)
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<a href=''><strong>TM Radio</strong> :: DEEP PASSAGE WITH RANZ | TM RADIO SHOW | EP 028 | Guest Mix by LieblingSstück (Germany)</a><br><audio controls controlsList="nodownload" src='' type='audio/mpeg' preload='none'></audio>
this set's tracklist:
KAS:ST- Hold me to the light
Rob Hes - Bloodlines
Airwave - Angelica 2020 Re-Invited Mix
PHCK - Modern - Marten Sundberg Remix
Coeus - For you
Deorbiting - Tunguska
Edu Imbernon - Fixing Fires
Vishal Unni - Recur - Ben Rama Remix
Diazar - Ezequiel
Jesper Mauerhoff- The Thief
Chappier - You’re
Cafe del Mar - Tale of Us Remix
Cid Inc - Temazcal
Several Definitions - Elyia
Jesper Mauerhoff - Left in right out
Slow Fish - Elon on Mars
Stan Kolev - Higher Collective
Jesper Mauerhoff - From love
Unstable Son - Dystopia -Martin Roth Remix
Monkey Safari - Playa
Lauren Mia - Fantasy EarthLife Remix

Tagged: Deep Passage Deep House Progressive House

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DEEP PASSAGE :: DEEP PASSAGE WITH RANZ | TM RADIO SHOW | EP 028 | Guest Mix by LieblingSstück (Germany) (aired on March 15th, 2021) banner logo


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