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                      Silence 'O' Phobia Bio

Silence 'O' Phobia was born in 1981 at Szombathely, Hungary.

The music of Kraftwerk inspired me very soon, maybe before I reached the age of 10. Something undescribable feeling captured me, when I heard their music. I don't know what motivated my father when he bought Kraftwerk vinyls, because he listens rock music ever since I can remember. I slowly started to be a fan of electronic music maybe because of that. I tried to collect every Kraftwerk, Jean Michel Jarre, Yello and similar music. I moved on musical styles like: harder, softer, more melodical etc.

Hardcore and rave fever caught me in about 1994, from which I soon moved on to techno. My taste got more sophisticated, and I've found myself in progressive music. The passion for techno did not decline over the years, this is probably reflected in my music. I developed my musical knowledge myself, with the help of my friends and musician colleagues. After I bought my first PC, I wanted to follow my favourites. I started music making seriously in about 2000, but I made music in a lot of styles by that time. I tried a bunch of apps to work with, the first was Fasttracker, which used XM files. Then I moved on for more and more advanced stuff: Fruity Loops, Reason, Cubase, but my favourite is Ableton Live, with which I do live acts, too. By the time, I've created a little studio in my home.

My first noticeable release was in 2007. I have worked with a lot of local producers by the years, for example Dynamic Illusion, Downkill, ZRG, Faces, Fetish etc. and with some others who are also well- known outside my country: Slam Jr., Dandy, Kühl, Snake Sedrick, Chriss aka. Quasar etc

Running Time: 59 minutes

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