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1.Stelios Vassiloudis - Losing Myself
2.Nikita Great - Russwans (original mix)
3.Lee Jones - Understanding
4.Shakib Jakir, Eric Shans - Ardour (Death On The Balcony Remix)
5.Rodriguez Jr feat. Liset Alea - What Is Real (Deep in the Playa Mix)
6.Sasheen, Jacob Acosta - Falling (Original Mix)
7.Nox Vahn feat. Mimi Page - Dream Of Love
8.Nils Hoffmann, Marget - Wherever You Are (Tinlicker Remix)
9.Jigger Moon - Where Do You Go (Niko Schwind & Carsten Rausch Remix)
10.Purple Kaiser feat. She Knows - Spreeside
11.Niko Schwind & Felix Raphael - Circles

Running Time: 1 hour 3 minutes

Another Day Late November 2020.mp3
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