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This week we have our resident Bjorn Salvador kicking things off and joining him as our guest is Robert Stephen from The Deep End.

Leon S. Kemp and Björn Salvador are joined by a special guest DJ every week here on TM Radio.

Running Time: 2 hours 0 minutes

Nordic Voyage 043 - 09/26/2020 - Bjorn Salvador / Robert Stephen
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this set's tracklist:
Yogurt Cookie - Recondite
Powel - Little Ballerina
A.M.R - Fireflies
Cocho - Sweet Sunrise on Meiling (Bjorn Salvador remix)
Robag Whrume - Treesong
Arutani - When I'm with you
Matthew Dekay - Heimreise
Max Cooper - Reflect
Death on the Balcony - Perpetual Hunger (Tuba Twooz Remix)
Eintagsfliege - Dominik Eulberg (Donato Dozzy Remix)
Julian Rodriquez, JFR - To the Glory (Balad Remix)
East Cafe & Love Drone - Nova (East Cafe Intro mix)

Franky Rizardo - X Marks The Spot
Andre Rizo - Feel
Andre Rizo - I Don't Know How
Gorge - Take U
Danny Howells - Players
Oliver Schories - Molero
Savin - Losing My SoulL
DJ PD - Encore
Hugoe - Full Orbit (Connor Mac Breathing Mix)
Markez - Horus (Original Mix)
Robi Uppin - Coffee Bar Discussions (Midnight (Original Mix)
Salski - Without You (Original Mix)
Saturn Keys - Cloud Dance (Original Mix) [The Purr].mp3"Shane Mahon - Up (Original Mix) [Strictly Flava].mp3"
Siggatunez - Equality (Dwson Remix)
Monsoonsiren - Elegiac (Makebo Remix)

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