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Joining us this week on Nordic Voyage here on TM Radio will be DJ Who from Baltimore.

Leon S. Kemp & Björn Salvador are joined by a special guest DJ every week here on TM Radio.

Running Time: 1 hour 60 minutes
The music is curated by Nordic Voyage

Nordic Voyage 034 - 07/25/2020 - Leon S. Kemp / DJ Who
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this set's tracklist:
Lost In Afrika (original mix) - Raw Main
She Became The Music - Yong Jai Kim
After The Stars (Serkan Eles remix) - Chapa Ruiz
Born And Raised (Be Svendsen remix) - Mira & Nico Stojan
Sun Of Evening - SUMU
Believe (original mix) - Mirida
The Tale Of The Ouroboros - Newman (i Love)
Abducted - Mockbeat
The Shahoor's Palace (Hrag Mikkel & Pambouk remix) - Haft
Autumn - Ganga
Moon Dance (original mix) - Adisyn & Nazaro
Ajuy - El Mundo
It's Not Over (original mix) - Henry Saiz, Eloy
Frankie's Story - Iglesias, Rsquared
Overtones (extended mix) - Frost
Lale - Butch
Only Human - Oc & Verde
Beautiful Life - Martin Roth
Into Bloom (Derun remix) - Bloem
Kaputt (Karmon remix) - Ost & Kjex
The Player - Ben Rau, Jansons
Yira Yirar - Marco Tegui
Khepre - Islandman

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