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Hello everyone ! This is the 17th episode of WDML Radio Show and this time I have ANDRÉ MORET with me to give you all a brand new mixtape of his own style. So please welcome ANDRÉ MORET !

André Moret, is a Brazilian artist who works within the progressive scenario of electronic music. Between mixes of house and techno, with majestic melodies, within space ambiences put the young Brazilian in the spotlights of the Progressive House. André has always tried to have a
different vision within the music business, his love for music led him to want to tell stories during his presentations and musical creations. His greatest inspirations come from contact with nature and admiration for starring. His contact with music from an early age, at 15, where he already played at closed parties, Moret can develop a refined filling to be able to touch people on the dance floor. Since then this is your biggest goal with music, making people feel complete and always having emotions while dancing. In 2015, Andre enrolled in one of the largest schools of musical production in Brazil and entered the university of electrical engineering, in order to merge the technique and music. Today with both cycles finished, Andre is recognized for the sound quality that his songs carry. Leading him to have great musical productions. His first big release was in 2019 with Soundteller Records, with his EP called Horizon where he continues 3 songs of stellar
catarteristeas of great strength. Receiving from Nick Warren and Graziano Raffa.

Running Time: 1 hour 0 minutes

Walking Down Memory Lane 017 Guest mix by ANDRE MORET TM Radio USA 27072020.mp3
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Walking Down Memory Lane

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