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Mild 'N Minty - Ble'Nding S06E06

The final show of Blending is resonating with previous one. Deep, tribal, tech and dark vibes of progressive.
While western world is having chance on this turning point to grab new ideas, return to it's natural flow indi is living it now as natives for a decade.
Indeed he doesn't see the difference in this situation at all. It was given to him a decade ago to do many changes and perceive necessary steps that work out now just perfect... To share a few pearls with you become a Vegan, learn Permaculture, Re:think-Re:use-Re:cycle and build self sustainable place to live at.

And don't forget keep it fun as the radical change is what civilization need to become a level:UP(grade).
Be the change, become intelligent being and keep on dancing while listen to the music.


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