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About Stereophonie:
“Music has always been the most important part in my life “ - Stereophonie
The renown DJane also started to produce music roughly a year ago and talks passionately about it: “I’m in love with it!”, she smiles beaming with joy and keeps talking about her passion that she is dedicated to from early in the morning until the night.
Stereophonie, whose nickname is „Irie“, lives and loves music. “Everything I do is about music“, she says about herself.
Music has always been an important part in her life.
Irie was born in 1984 in Hamburg, as a child of a German mother and a Croatian father.
There is a photo of her sitting at the drums when she was hardly two years old. When she was eight, she regularly played the drums in her youth centre.
When she turned 10, she discovered record players and turning the tables. She quickly discovered her talent so that at the age of 16 she already was a popular DJane that worked at parties and in clubs. In those days, she mainly played R’n’B, Dance Hall, Funk, Soul and Hip-Hop. But it was in particular House Music that has always been her passion.
From time to time she gave classes to teach her knowledge of DJing to younger kids at the youth centre where she once started her career. Thus, she could pass on her knowledge to the following generation.
In 2007 she founded Stereophonie.
In 2008 after the evolving change of the audience and sound of the music scene where she was already known as an acclaimed DJane, she finally ended her former career and from then on continued sailing in electronic waters under the name of Stereophonie.
The sound of Stereophonie varies and it still has a common theme. It is about groove. It is about varying drums, snares and percussions. It makes you wanna dance to it and it hypnotizes you.
Sometimes it is deeper Detroit-Tech-House. Sometimes she plays with occidental, oriental and Balkan influences
Irie is a complete autodidact, passionate music lover and extremely ambitious. She thoroughly prepares every set and produces her tracks highly professional.

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