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This Month our guest DJ is my buddie Matias Poppof good talentive dj & producer from Argentina open your ears also senses my buddie is comin....

Matías Popoff was born in 1983 in a little town called Hernando, in the south of Cordoba's City in Argentina.

He grew up influenced by bands from the 80's but it was in 1998 when he became aware of his passion for electronic music thanks to Deep Dish, David Morales, PVD, Underworld and many other artists. Because of that He started to organize parties when he was fifteen years old in hernando.

Unlike other DJs at the time, he actually started DJing with CDs instead of vinyls. In 2002 the sound of Hernan Cattaneo, Nick Warren, Danny Howells and Satoshi Tomiie definitely changed the way he listened to music.

In 2003 he moved to the Capital City of his Province and then in 2004 he started working as a Dj in private parties, later at the end of 2005 he played his first sets in bars and clubs.

After all these years He has become fond of deep and sexy sounds influenced by Martin Garcia and Deep Mariano.

He is concentrated in production now, Logistics is supported by Facundo Mohrr and Gerardo Boscarino, and Girl Cooperate is supported by Guille Quero to name a few. Now there are new tracks that are surprising the attention of many other djs with his deep and groovy sound.

Nowadays Matías djing under his real name is playing his deep vibes in clubs more often, offering occasionaly his personal music selection in on-line radios and always searching for is personal sound.

Running Time: 59 minutes
The music is curated by DJ Dark G

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