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Running Time: 1 hour 4 minutes

Noir - Noir Recommends 078 (gues tmix Andre Kronert) - 14-aug-2018.mp3
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this set's tracklist:
01. Andre Kronert_When Rain Falls (ODD EVEN)
02. Dubspeeka_Contras IIII (ODD EVEN)
03. Andre Kronert_Until We Find (ODD EVEN)
04. Boston 168_Phenomena (ODD EVEN)
05. Markus Suckut_Your Head (ODD EVEN)
06. Alex Bau & Mikael Jonasson_Und3rjord (ODD EVEN)
07. Kris Wadsworth_Omen (ODD EVEN)
08. Jeroen Search_Continuous or Discrete (ODD EVEN)
09. Anders Hellberg_Over The Hills (ODD EVEN)
10. Johannes Heil_Gospel Nine (ODD EVEN)
11. Boston 168_Split String (ODD EVEN)
12. Steve Parker_Acid Machine (ODD EVEN)
13. Shlomi Aber - Exponent (ODD EVEN)
14. Andre Kronert_Terminus (Jonas Kopp Torture Mix) (ODD EVEN)
15. Shlomi Aber_Check One Two (ODD EVEN)

Tagged: Noir Recommends Progressive Deep House Tech House Techno Andre Kronert

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