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Tamas Keresztenyi aka moT, was born in 1981, in Hungary.
He got into contact with music as part of his education, back in the secondary school years, in the soundstudio of the school.
After a while, he started 2 play at numerous parties in the local area.
This is what started his later "dj" carrierre.
The first times he played the actual sets from casettes, later when he learned the new techniques he started to use vinyls.
Then, after some time, he started organizing own parties in his hometown.
With this concept he got a huge respond from the audience.
These people played a major role in moT beginning to play breaks, and vocal tunes, beside progressive beats to form his unique sound.
In 2003 he made his own mix CD, by the name of ''Xplore''.
With this CD he proved that he's capable of making the listener travel far and away, on the wings of grooves and melodies.
In this year he also started his own parties, the "mNights", where he played together with Snake Sedrick (HU), Thomas Haverlik (SK) and Andrew K (GRE)!
In 2007, moT presents a new show on Tribalmixes Radio, hosted by him and his friend Style Clash, the Beat Sensor!

Co-hosted show

Beat Sensor

No preset schedule (taking a break). Show first aired on January 4th, 2007 and new episodes were coming out until February 2nd, 2011. A total of 95 episodes of Beat Sensor has aired on TM Radio.
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