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Dj Tod started learning to play the piano and listening to classical music and jazz at the age of eight.
At thirteen, he tried to realize some of his own innovation and advanced music ideas on personal keyboards and on the first professional computer with audio-track support, Atari FALCON. When fifteen, he practised and recorded his first music mixes and became resident DJ at the largest disco in his native town.

At the same time, he played the piano and keyboards and he encountered jazz-rock, psychedelic, spiritual and experimental, free sound which allowed him his first spiritual experiences and visionary dreams. With this band he arrived at the underground and jazz clubs, music festivals, and on TV. Some of his studio-made recordings are at the top of the charts on main radio stations in the country at the moment.

Berlin has offered him special experience as he has there performed as a jazz & funk musician at underground clubs, finally completed his present music & dj studio and returned again to do music production.

One more time in electronic kind of music, above everything else, he definitely has found a parallel to his acoustic experience, unique and irreplaceable direction which leads into the future and follows new dimensions and spheres of a new millennium man, progressive and simultaneously aboriginal, tribal energy of house music.

He actively performs on German and Serbian DJ scene and he is the host for DARK ENERGY on where he plays with famous progressive DJ's and producers such as: Dj Taucher, Eric Entrena, Eelke Kleijn, Progressive Thrust, Sergio Fernandez, Amir Sharara, Thomas Penton, RPO, Dj Tim, Cecil. McCarthy, Hyline
Hosted show on TM Radio

Dark Energy

No preset schedule (taking a break). Show first aired on December 16th, 2006 and new episodes were coming out until February 7th, 2009. A total of 52 episodes of Dark Energy has aired on TM Radio.
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