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Rick started his career like DJ in various clubs and in parallels the one of producer who it will become his principal activity. Influenced by the “new house sound” of the Nineties in France, he released some tracks like Sequential Feat Kleph "Chocho locco", Tribal Nation "In Guetto".... In 1999, He creates his first label RPO TRAXX with tendency house and latino house. The same year, in USA, Rick Pier O' Neil signs a #5 in Billboard dance charts with the 1st title group Sussex House "Good Feel". he remixes some of large stars such Donna Summer "Love is the Healer" (# 1 BILLBOARD) and Lenny Kravitz "Black Velveteen", Cece Peniston, Brooklyn Funk Essential, Book Of Coil, Whatever Girl "I Know You Can".... His techno tribal influences push him with groups such as Cormano, of which it is it producer, with the Mangamania track in Spain, in the USA, the U.K. (BUZZ Charts of Pete Tong - BBC 1, Steve Lawler...). But he continues also His own artist way with some track REVENGE 1 and 2 supported by great name such as CARL COX- DANNY TENAGLIA, PETER RAHOFFER... Rick Pier O' Neil produced also at the same time under label RPO TRAXX of the artists such RUDY WILBURN - AJAI - THOMAS AND JOAKIM - SPIRITUAL VIBE.....whose tracks become classics of the dancefloor still played today. But in November 2001, he decides to create a new subdivision more "dark and tribal" in RPO TRAXX: GARBAGE RECORDS. The 1st releases is GIVE ME FIERCE by U.D.G. Played by largest Dj such as Danny Tenaglia, Peter Rauhoffer, Saeed & Palash, Danny Howells, Thunderpuss, John Digweed, Boy George... more and more DJ... The label presents today names like Inflator, Elek Drums, DJ O' Neil, Tools 7 who is release and produce by Rick Pier O' Neil himself under his various pseudo. Remix of tracks in 2004 such as those of group ADF "Destination" (Premier Sound) or Subway baby "Burnin Soul" (Solar Rec) were realized and for 2005 many collaborations with labels are envisaged like Younan Inc, Choo Choo records, Distraekt Records, Nervine records... where others remix will be realized. 2004: The Creation of FREKENCY Records subdivision with the release of the first 6 references who gives one vision more techno and electro. A new way for this new branch in RPO TRAXX since this year. A new studio open in Spain , established in Barcelona. Rick pier O' NEIL does not stop not in so good way and a new opening of label for January 2005: X-PERIENCE Records, Electroclash, Vesta Records, Display recordings and the most recent Tokamak records,RPO Voices dept. and RPO Digital

A close cooperation such as for remix or productions is effective with friends producer and DJs from the whole world like Eric Entrena, Thomas Penton, Barry Gilbey, Saeed Younan, Kai, Piliavin and Zimbardo and most recent Joy Marquez, Loic B ,Raf Fender ..................
Rick is today the producer of the new musical wave rising, and signs his tracks by his own sonority "dark house tribal" He is recognized as one of one of new talents, his popularity has been growing all around the world. With his special sound it’s easy to see why he has drawn attention from international talent, record executives and critics alike


Participated in following shows

Dark Energy, 1 episode:

Vol.10 - Dark Energy (May 05, 2007)

Progtronik Music, 2 episodes:

Episode (Apr 06, 2007)
Episode (Jun 05, 2007)

Dynamica 128, 1 episode:

Episode (Aug 20, 2008)
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