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The ADR Sound In 2 words: Good shit.
In more: We are predominantly a party music label with strong tendencies towards the electronic side of life. We release music that people will remember. We appreciate listening music. We like catchy melodies, We hate too much cheese. We like songs that no one can deny. We like to have vocalists who have something to say. Our sound is as simple as it can possibly be. We hate trends, even if we become one ourselves. Our music is self-validating, clever and perpetually fresh. Our sound had its birth in NYC and continues to have roots there, but is an adventurous child with a passion for travel. Genre, although strategically important, in the end does not matter.
It is the magic of the sound that will in the end determine its value.

The ADR Ethic
It is important to say that ADR is and will continue to be a capitalist venture. We believe that there is nothing wrong with capitalism, were it not for the capitalists. We are aware that a lot of the suffering on this planet is a direct result of a certain behavior that capitalism makes possible, but we believe that capitalism can work and must not necessarily be a destructive force, if accompanied by an upgraded, more honest moral code. The ADR concept is perhaps similar at first to that of the low cost airlines. But it's not really low cost, rather no nonsense. We work on filtering away the bullshit. Keep only what really matters, no frills. We have been careful to not owe anyone any favours, so we do what we want.

The ADR Method
ADR is a school of thought. ADR works hard and plays hard. ADR is constantly raising the bar. ADR is something all want to be. ADR are punks who use their brains and are not afraid to work hard. ADR does not follow rules. However, ADR does not promote anarchy. There is an inert desire and need in ADR to make its own rules. Using analysis, imagination, intuition, compassion and determination ADR adapts the rules and streamlines it's methods of making "it" possible. ADR is not a hype-machine. It does not care about inflating demand for the sake of creating more sales, but at the same time remains consistently pragmatic.   

So, what exactly is ADR again?
ADR is fresh, fun and makes you feel good to be alive.
ADR is a lion, stands strong and delivers you from evil.
ADR is polite, right and sweet
ADR inspires, shines the light for the path and can see the future
ADR knows it doesn't know and is willing to learn.
And ADR is not as serious as this text it?
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