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Guillaume was born in 1977 and lives in the north of France. He discovered electronic music when he was young listening to Radio Galaxie 95.30 FM. He was fascinated with this type of music throughout the nineties. He purchased his first vinyls at Diki Records in Belgium, and became hooked on electronica.
His first visits to dance clubs allowed him to discover a new perspective of the night.
He was fascinated by the art of deejaying, so he decided to become a DJ on Radio Galaxie. In 1996, someone asked him to mix for 3 hours on air every Saturday. He played mostly house, techno, and trance music… He developed his musical style day after day and started to spin records at the biggest clubs of the area.

In 2001, after one year in the army for military service, Guillaume made his show for 2 hours on Saturdays. It was during this period that he knew that he wanted to invest in a musical style that he became most passionate about : Progressive.
Guillaume was greatly influenced by iconic Dj’s like Sasha, John Digweed, Paul Van Dyk, Paul Oakenfold, Nick Warren, and Dave Seaman.

Radio Galaxie asked him to become a speaker every day in June 2003.
Guillaume brings some new projects for the radio which are played on air. Radio Galaxie hosted by Galaxie Live (wednesday at 07pm CET) Progressive Session Mix (friday at 09pm CET) and Prélude - Ambient / New Age / Chill Out (Sunday at 10pm CET) has been on the air for over 2 years.

His radio show called Progressive Session Mix is becoming more and more appreciated by the audience. He has been asked to play progressive in Belgian clubs like La Bush, Escape Concept, Bliss Club, Pulse Factory.

Today, Guillaume is one of the youngest DJ talents and producer across the progressive scene, and he broadcasts his Progressive Session Mix shot to several other foreign countries as well. Only 4 months after making his first production he had already signed with Magnolia Digital Records (I.B.’s label in Spain) and FeralCode Records (Hungary).

His first EP named Intemporel including 2 original tracks ‘Tropical Heat’ and ‘Elision’ will be signed on Composure Records with remixes from Faskil.
Recently he finished a remix of the track ‘Spirit Emotion’ from Mikas on Progressive Grooves that will be out in december 2006.

He made as well a remix for Jacco @ Work of the track ‘Manhattan Skyline’ that will be signed on Bellarine Records in 2007.

Participated in following show

Better Feeling, 1 episode:

Exclusive Opening (Dec 03, 2006)
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